Hallo Strategies,
ich hab im 2p2 was gepostet und wollte mal eure Meinung und Interesse dazu hören.

Ich copy/paste das mal weil ich es grade nicht nochmal auf Deutsch schreiben will - ich hoffe das stört niemanden.

I have an idea and would like to hear your thoughts about it.

I plan on creating Fishlists and would like to sell them.
Those fishlists are not the kind of fishlists you gather from playing and marking your fish - I'm talking about PREMIUM fish you only find if you try really hard.
I wrote several SQL queries to extract these guys and I can assure you that there will be no false positives or a fish who doesn't dump his money to you in a heartbeat.
What I'm already able to do: I can supply you with
a) a Full Tilt notefile which lets you spot them in the lobby (color of your choice, I chose green) and/or
b) an importable Buddylist for your HM Tablescanner. (No PT3 ETA yet)

Furthermore I'm looking to only sell those lists to 10-20 customers per limit (i.e. 1/2 max 20 people, 2/4 max 20 people, etc). I want to keep it this way so you have your private fishlist and not the list 500 other people have, too.
You'll get a monthly subscription and will receive updates on a daily basis. I can't guarantee you that there are 100s of new guys on the list every day because - well, there just aren't that many of these rare species on every level - but my test months showed about 500-1000 (on 1/2) monthly.

Now about the only downside on it - the pricing:
As I put in a lot of work in my tools and querys I want to charge half a buyin per month. So you pay 50$ for the 0.5/1 list, 100$ for the 1/2 list. 100$ is the cap, any limit above 1/2 is also $100.
Atm I planning on doing this at 0.5/1 - 5/10 on Full Tilt only.

I can probably port my stuff to other sites aswell but I need some time to do this and I will only try to if enough people are interested.

So cliffs (and advantages over other solutions):
- Supermegadeathchristfishs
- FTnotefile/Buddylist for your Tablescanner (keep in mind that this method works on OSX too!)
- You have zero delay to find your friends because you have them locally on your FTclient or Tablescanner.
- No hassle with other kind of Software because it's "just text" and instantly ready to use
- Your list is fairly private, only a maximum of 20 customers per level

Tell me what you think about it!

Best regards,