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    • MarcoRuggeri
      Dabei seit: 24.07.2008 Beiträge: 258
      Hello i'm from the italian community and i will ask you a favour, is there any admin that could be escrow for a transfer of a English open seat and money by moneybookers beetwen me and the user NRGB from the german community?

      skype: [Edited]

      thanks if you can help us :)

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    • Indy1701e
      Dabei seit: 16.07.2007 Beiträge: 40.667
      Hello MarcoRuggeri,

      I have to tell you, that, our admins, moderators and coaches do not offer an escrow service.

      Like in the Italian Community, any transfer of money is prohibited by board rule 3: no advertising, therefore I have to close your thread and delete the skype address you posted.

      If someone from might offer his service as an escrow, please be warned that he does it as a private person and not as a staff member!

      Best regards,