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A true bankroll building story!

    • Haegglmoo
      Dabei seit: 25.10.2010 Beiträge: 939
      "Specunder" from Netherlands - A true bankroll building story!

      Just a year ago his bankroll was $2.24, but he never gave up.

      He kept on playing and building a bankroll and suddenly he had earned $114,289 and no longer needs to search for freerolls.

      Here is a great interview done by the cute and smart Scott Carlson, a Rakeback Staff Writer I love to follow:

      'Sick_pro' recently took down the Full Tilt Sunday Brawl for the hefty sum of $114,289. Also known as 'Specunder' on Full Tilt, he sat down with us for an exclusive interview discussing his win, and how he build his bankroll.

      RB: Where are you from?
      SP: The Netherlands

      RB: How old are you?
      SP: 21

      RB: How did you first get into poker?
      SP: After watching the WSOP on television I played some home games with some friends but we never played for real money. I found out it was possible for me to play poker online when the poker sites added iDeal, a payment processor specific to the Netherlands. I didn't have a credit card so I wasn't able to deposit any money before this.

      RB: Do you play for a living?
      SP: Since June 2010 I decided to quit my job as a food delivery boy and started playing full-time. That's when I found out that my bankroll was high enough to quit my job. I was able to play a lot more MTT's and subsequently make more money. Right now I play about 800 MTT's per month.

      RB: Speaking of bankroll, is it true that you had just $2 in your account back in November 2009?
      SP: Well, the actual amount was $2.24. When I first started playing poker on Full Tilt I was a total noob. I have been pretty good at mental arithmetic all my life but I knew nothing about strategies, etc. By playing as much as I could I became a better player but after the first 2000 tourneys I was still about break-even.

      I was looking for a better payout structures and extra bonuses. It seemed like the nine player sit-n-go to the Double Deuce ($1.80 + 0.20) was the safest pay out structure for me (1st - 3rd all win a $5.50 seat). I managed to build a nice bankroll with this particular sit-n-go.

      When I had over $150 in my bankroll I moved up to the $8.70 Tier 1 18 player sit-n-gos where 1st - 5th won a $26 Tier 2 token and 6th won $14. With the $26 tokens I played the Tier 2 18 player sit-n-gos where 1st -5th won a $75 token and 6th won $42. With the $75 tokens I played as many one table satellites as I could to the $750k guarantee where 1st - 3rd all won $216.

      Another little bonus was the $750k satellite challenge Full Tilt has. You try and win as many seats as you can. I managed to finish 2nd in December 2009 for $200 which was a nice boost to the bankroll. The following week I finished 2nd again. At the end of the month I managed to finish 1st for $400. With these bonuses and rakeback I saw that my bankroll was growing pretty fast.

      Another promotion that helped me a lot with building the bankroll was the FTOPS satellite challenge. I have made over $10,000 in bonuses playing these. To manage this I had to play 12-18 tables 6-14 hours per day, 7 days per week for 40 days in a row. I had to be extremely dedicated to do that.

      RB: So how did you transition into MTT play and where did you learn your skills for these?
      SP: Just by playing as much as I could. The more you play the more information you will get from your opponents. It took me a few months to handle 18 tabling. I would love to see Full Tilt increase the max of 18 tables. I am probably able to play 22-25 tables if I am extremely concentrated.

      RB: So how did the Sunday Brawl go down for you?
      SP: In my opinion the following were the most important hands of the tournament for me:

      When there were four players left, three of us wanted to make a deal but 'kid bramm' had a major chip lead and didn't event want to take a look at the numbers. I can't blame him. From there we played it out with no deals.

      RB: How did you celebrate the big win?
      SP: I haven't really celebrated it yet. Right after the big win I found an article talking about the 29% tax they charge in our country. I was confused and flabbergasted by this since I wasn't aware of this at all. The law says it's a gambling game without skill involved. I think I made it pretty obvious that it is a skill game with a piece of luck involved.

      RB: Do you have any plans for the money?
      SP: I'm still living with my mom but I plan to move out very soon. I'm looking for a nice apartment in Rotterdam. I also plan on getting my drivers license, buying a car and traveling around the world.

      RB: Thanks for the interview and congratulations on the win!

      Respekt, Hr. Carlson ;)
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