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searching highstakes plrs to join a poker flat

    • TheLastNail
      Dabei seit: 30.05.2008 Beiträge: 6.038
      firstly sorry, i am not writing in German, i understand/ can say sth in it, but its going to take ages for me to formulate sth serious

      so hey guys,

      i am Jozef, 24yo, from Slovakia, i ve been an active member here for ~2years now. ve been a hadjudge here and produced 1 vid also (was rly inexperienced in this field so its not rly the best prolly esp as far as explanatory fluent langueage skills are concerned) I also coach from the beginning of this year, every form of NL up to NL600. I ve evolved as a plr fairly quickly , from NL2-NL1k winner in 10months on FR. Then i swithced to SH /now also some HU.
      I am playing NL600-2k, mainly on SH (2k tableselection) and i am 1 of the biggest winners on these limits. Last 2months from ~56k hands i made ~+66k on EV, +50k$; i run ~50k under EV for last 4 months, so that is kinda my story.. + i wanna keep some outside life, so i am not playing much volume- but wanna improve in that (also miss some outside motivation i seek for here)

      I ve been living in a pokerflat for last half a year now, but i wanna move out to Malta/Australia/ anywhere warmer with a few 2-3 dedicated plrs and friends.

      I will start shooting NL5k by the end of the year and the goal would be to play mainly HU NL1k-2k as main + ofc continue in SH. I am a very theoretical and dilligent analysing worker (esp last few weeks after i decided to never ever play for grinding) and want to have aroung guys who mean it with poker to play to be the best.

      Other than that i think most of the ppl who know me would describe me as a funny (usually make fun things around or myself), weird -(socially i am not rly so active- i dont like getting drunk every weekend at all, also when i feel sad, i just need to do some lonely running mostly), but alw staying out of troubles person, rly active as a sportsman, as well as in any other challenges (have been an active chess plr+ i sometimes play my ass off nonstop 20h+ on quake or diablo, or get to many sidebet actions.

      I ve also imposed a challenge in my local coutry for the best HU plr whih has been accepted 1 guy, we ll play 20k hands, both online and live, is gonna be marketized a lot with potential tv coverage in the air. Mainly for this and for a contract w a flat we rent now i can move at soonest in Feb-March next year.

      more info abt me, as well as some graphs or random chat from life u ll find in this blog of mine and my current flatmate: Bratislava pokerflat

      as well as this: old blog with TwiceT (just active in the beginnning) (had a common blog with TwiceT, is one of my best friends and contacts in here, however our paths split, now we have a totally different orientations, but i think he can vouch for my credibility if needed)

      if interested contact me on skype: cibicekj (TheLastNail) or email: cibicek@gmail.com

      note: my current flatmate is most prolly not joining
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