How to improve on my FL O8 game?

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      // sorry für shameless copy&paste, aber das würd mich auch interessieren... :f_eek:

      Hi guys,

      I am looking for some advice how to better study Fixed Limit O8 by myself.

      I watched 95% of the Videos on FL O8 that are out there in the web.

      I had various sweat-sessions via skype.

      I played other games like NL and FL Holdem for a long time, but I still suck at O8.

      Still I struggle to beat 2$/4$. So I am looking for some advice:

      What did help you the most, when you learned O8?

      Was it looking over hands? Was it talking to a coach? Was it just grinding 500.000 Hands and gaining experience?

      What kind of leak was the toughest you had to overcome to improve your game?

      What kinf of leak was the easiest to overcome, but that changed your game the most?

      ty for input <3
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