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Ultrasicke Nosebleed Action bei der APT Macau (Durrr, Ivey,...)

    • GoreHound
      Dabei seit: 29.07.2006 Beiträge: 14.153
      Fall es jemand noch nicht mitbekommen hat: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/29/news-views-gossip/nosebleed-cash-games-apt-macau-durrrrr-ivey-juanda-giang-916791/

      Scheinen ja Millionen dort rumzuwandern :f_o:

      Just witnessed a huge pot between Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan in a high stakes cash game here at the APT macau. Here are the details.

      These were the few know players that were players, the rest i have never seen before.

      Dwan, Ivey, Chau Giang, Jon Juanda.

      Blinds were 5k/10k HKD

      Anyways here was the hand.

      Ivey straddles to 20k
      Dwan double straddles to 40k.
      MP calls 40k
      Ivey completes the 40k
      Dwan maskes a raise to 180k total
      MP folds
      Ivey re-raises to 1million alomost all-in
      Dwan instant gos all-in
      Ivey snap calls
      Pot is approx 3M HKD
      Hands Ivey ATos, Dwan 77
      Board runs out, no Ace no Ten. Dwan ships the 3Million Pot.
      When i left he was up about 3.5M HKD
      And to mention he was happily drinking beer.

      OWLS - Just to confirm numbers are all HK$ not US$ reported. All cash chips on the table no credit allowed in the casino for this sort of game. Agregus - read earlier posts from Page 19, game is in Macau not HK.

      The "Poker King" Poker room Chip Update as provided by Winfred 5 min ago for today's session is Phil up HK$15m, Tom up HK$4m, Table regulars up HK$2m, Chau up HK$300k, Johnny Chan down HK$800k, John Juanda down HK$1.5m (but up big for the week overall and has left town for a trip), 2 Beijing visitors down HK$10m each. Currently main game is 4 handed with Phil, Tom and 2 regulars playing HK$10/20k. Second game features Jeff Lisandro, Ted Forrest and others playing either 2k/4k or 5k/10k

      (Mark F posting for Tom)

      Biggest Pot of the session approx HK$10m between Phil and Tom Dwan, flop Axx, turn 3, both all in, Durrrr turns over A3, Phil AK, river.... K

      (Mark F posting for Tom)

      HK$ durch ~7 Teilen für US$!
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    • GoreHound
      Dabei seit: 29.07.2006 Beiträge: 14.153
      Juanda mit einigen Millionen HK$

      HK$1m chips grey oval large plaques, HK$100K red plaques, HK$10k yellow chips and HK$1K small grey chips.
    • aNDioS
      Dabei seit: 14.07.2006 Beiträge: 2.368

      Hi Guys,

      Don't often post as myself, but Matt sent me a link. Thought I would provide some clarity and yes I play in the game on and off. Its best described as a semi private game. The days of Brian Rast just turning up and winning a few million US$ are definitely over, but the guys that run the game definitely enjoy the challenge of playing against the world's best. I invited both Phil and Tom to Macau to both the APT and to play in the high stakes games.

      There is absolutely zero racism at this table. It is mainly the language issue (as somebody posted earlier) as usually half the people playing don't speak english so naturally talk amongst themselves. When guys like Phil and Tom are playing there is obviously a mixture of languages spoken.

      These "businessmen" are generally involved in the gaming industry in some form, casino junkets, sports betting etc and instead of losing tens of millions playing bacarrat every year discovered poker 2 years ago and have taken to it. Some have become very, very good (and got some excellent coaching), some are still hopeless. Obviously not to the level of Ivey and Tom, but can hold their own and they are fearless which makes them dangerous. Think the FT guys adjusted their game somewhat after losing the early sessions.

      They like action and thats why people like Tom Dwan they find very fun to play against. They do not like nitty pros and have been known to change a game from a 10k / 20k (HKD) game to a 10/20k with 20k ante to force the pros to play. With some of the guys from a sportsbetting background, private insurance side bets are a source of great amusement (and relief to some of the smaller players when involved in a big pot). They also prefer to play against people bringing their own money rather than a pro who has been staked by 15 different people.

      I think the biggest pot this week was actually 16m not 20m as stated though they have been far larger in the past. Many "businessmen" in Asia like to come and play in the "Big Game" as it is known to mix and mingle with the regular players there (not the Western Pros).

      Zero chance of this ever being televised and cameras in casino gaming areas are banned in Macau so pics can only be taken undercover. However, I do think one day relatively soon you may see the game find its way onto the internet every now and then.

      Biggest hand I ever saw and arguably the craziest was a guy betting HK$28m on the river into a HK$51m pot with a gutshot straight draw against what turned out to be top set. He was down over HK$100m at the time and hit it.

      Thanks Matt for hosting another well run tournament

    • Toerke79
      Dabei seit: 09.06.2009 Beiträge: 6.133
      Lol, Hong Kong Dollar :D
    • Tunnelblicker
      Dabei seit: 31.10.2007 Beiträge: 5.260
      Sowas spielt Tony G wahrscheinlich jeden Tag :D
    • KBahr
      Dabei seit: 02.10.2008 Beiträge: 755
      Original von GoreHound
      HK$ durch ~7 Teilen für US$!
      1 Hong Kong dollar = 0.128987 U.S. dollars
    • GoreHound
      Dabei seit: 29.07.2006 Beiträge: 14.153
      The exciting stuff - Durrrr has been challenged to a heads up session tonight by a local player who is bringing HK$20-30m. A Durrrr Challenge x 5 in size. More info will be posted ahead of tonight!!!"
    • GoreHound
      Dabei seit: 29.07.2006 Beiträge: 14.153

      Hi All,

      Would just like to say on behalf of Poker King Club thank you to everyone for their interest in our High Stakes Macau game. As i've read some of the previous threads, our friends Tom & Matt have done an excellent job giving updates, as well as bringing Phil and Durr over to Starworld to play this action packed game. As of right now...Durr & Phil are taking a break, catching up on some sleep....and there are two local guys sitting right in front of me playing $50k-$100k HKD heads up. They've been playing since 9am....it's about 4pm now....and they're still going strong. One guy has a massive chip lead on the other ....but the other guy's determined to continue playing it seems. As the days go by, this game is getting stronger and bigger than ever. With ante's and props....who knows what the future will hold when it comes to limits.

      This game has been going on in Macau at Level 3 Starworld...Poker King Club for over a year already. And consists of mostly Macau/China businessmen who have converted their passion from Baccarrat to Poker. It's definetly an entertaining game to watch, i've seen some players improve over the years and come out consistent winners each session. Yet i've seen others continue to try and chase very expensive gut shots or flush draws just because "they could feel it"...lolz. With the addition of Durr, Phil, and other world champions, the game's atmosphere has really gotten even more exciting. Everyday new challenges come out, and as Tom Hall said earlier, some guy from Beijing has challenged to play Durr heads up, if he flies in tonight, i'll keep everyone posted on what happens. Thanks! =)

      Hand of the Day:

      Last night all the regular high roller Chinese guys were playing..along with World Champion Chau Giang. (Durr and Phil were taking a nap and getting some rest)

      How it went down:
      Blinds: $10,000, $20,000HKD blinds, $10,000 Ante/person
      There was a straddle of $40,000 HKD.
      Chinese guy: bumps it up to $100,000HKD (with Ace, Jack)
      Chau Giang: raises to $500,000HKD (with Ace, Ace)
      Chinese guy: calls ....(everyone else folds) it's now heads up

      Flop comes out: J, J, 10

      Chau Giang: Checks (two pair, aces and jacks)
      Chinese guy: bets $1.2 million (with trip Jack's, ace kicker)
      Chau Giang: Calls

      Turn: Ace ( WOW, Chau Giang has now made a Full house Aces over Jacks....While Chinese Guy has Full house Jacks over Aces)

      Chau Giang: first to act ....Checks!
      Chinese guy: pushes All IN ...around $9 Million HKD
      Chau Giang: Calls

      River comes a 3: Chau Giang takes down the over $20 Million HKD POT!!!!!!!


      Stella Yeh
      Marketing Director
      Poker King Club

    • pocketquads
      Dabei seit: 17.07.2007 Beiträge: 3.639
    • rowski999
      Dabei seit: 21.01.2009 Beiträge: 2.114
      rigged turn
    • Domme90
      Dabei seit: 21.06.2009 Beiträge: 351
      Original von gangsripoche
      Hätte ich die Bankroll, wäre ich in Macau auch gerne dabei. Scheint ja easy money zu sein.

      dann besorg dir mal 25 Mio oder mehr und du bist dabei haha
    • GoreHound
      Dabei seit: 29.07.2006 Beiträge: 14.153
      (Durr and Phil were taking a nap and getting some rest)

      :f_love: :f_love: :f_love:
    • grepro
      Dabei seit: 04.10.2009 Beiträge: 49
      Original von GoreHound
      (Durr and Phil were taking a nap and getting some rest)

      :f_love: :f_love: :f_love:

      :f_love: :f_love: :f_love: :f_love:
    • b1gbossbasti
      Dabei seit: 19.12.2005 Beiträge: 4.248
    • vega0823
      Dabei seit: 27.01.2010 Beiträge: 97
      Original von GoreHound
      The exciting stuff - Durrrr has been challenged to a heads up session tonight by a local player who is bringing HK$20-30m. A Durrrr Challenge x 5 in size. More info will be posted ahead of tonight!!!"
    • Genius91
      Dabei seit: 01.11.2009 Beiträge: 1.873
      da hat chau giang ma eazy nen 3 mio us$ pott gewonnen SICK!

      lol das pic is so nice ♥
    • bozzoTHEclown
      Dabei seit: 16.03.2008 Beiträge: 2.978
      wow ich wußte gar nicht das chau giang so ein sicker highroller ist.
    • soulfly187
      Dabei seit: 05.02.2007 Beiträge: 2.987
      10k$ ante? fml

      Originally Posted by udrazer View Post
      thx for the awesome updates. tom's party bill is that high? close to 1million?
      I was lucky to be at the first couple of Asian Poker Tour VIP Parties (Tom Hall's party) and they really are the stuff legends are made of.

      The parties were held in Tom's PENTHOUSE suite, (at StarWorld) from gorgeous models and pre paid (for entire night) hookers to the finest wines and champagne money can buy. To use the term basic spirits would be an insult with Chivas Regal Gold Signature and Belvedere Vodka the cheapest drinks in the house!

      From memory, Bluff Magazine, called Tom's APT party the BEST poker party of the year - edging out the Stars' WSOP party.

      So a bar tab over half a million over a 2 week time frame is definitely Tom Hall Territory.
    • GoreHound
      Dabei seit: 29.07.2006 Beiträge: 14.153

      Just catching up with this thread from Taiwan. True Mr Savage taught me a lesson in the dice games!!! Exciting times in Macau and for poker in Asia generally. I was reminded of a true story from one of the online rooms I deal with which also illustrates how new poker still is in Asia.

      They had a Chinese player that deposited equiv to about US$300 a day for about 20 days in a row and he kept losing every single day, no upward swing whatsoever. Customer support thought they better get in touch with a player so determined to deposit and lose every day and see if they could give him a few pointers or send him to an educational site or something.

      Turns out the guy didn't know you could actually fold (thought the fold button meant quit the game) so he either called or bet every single game to the river for 20 days. After the CS guy picked himself off the floor from laughing, the online room actually sent a guy to spend a day training him. The same player has since turned into a damn good player (has won some medium size live events in Macau as well as being a small winner online!!!

      Night all!

      :f_love: :f_love: :f_love:
    • gorbatsh0ve
      Dabei seit: 15.08.2007 Beiträge: 17.617
      lol, truly epic