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PTR Statistik

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    • Wahooka
      Dabei seit: 21.05.2010 Beiträge: 1.150
      What is the Bot Score?
      Also known as the Human Robot Score, this score attempts to determine if the playing habits of a player are within the realm of human abilities. This score is based on a composite of a variety of factors including the length of their sessions, the standard deviation of those lengths, times played, and consistency of play schedule. A player rated 0 has entirely unpredictable play habits and a player rated 100 would have extremely consistent, almost impossibly long sessions with extremely low variance in length or schedule. We leave interpretation of this score up to the user.
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      What is the Tilt Tendency rating?
      The Tilt Tendency rating measures how often, for how long, and how badly a player goes on "tilt." Tilt is defined as having a downswing that is orders of magnitude larger than their average downswing, as determined by standard deviation from the mean. A player with a rating of 0 would be extremely stable with almost no tendency towards tilt, while a player with a rating of 100 would be extremely prone to tilting. This rating does not say anything about the player's winnings or win rate, simply how often and how severe their sudden large downswings are. A player with a very poor win rate can have a very low Tilt Tendency rating and conversely, a player with an extremely positive win rate can have a very high Tilt Tendency rating. Similarly, a player with a high variance play style isn't necessarily going to have a high tilt rating because his swings won't be far off of the standard deviation, swings are his "norm."
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