Da hat er wohl mal jemanden RICHTIG geaergert ....
Dies hier ist ein Originalmitschnitt von ner knappen viertel Stunde Coaching ...
Ich hab mich wunderbar amuesiert und hoffe, euch ergeht es zumindest ein bisschen auch so ^^

yackattack: foilded my 2 pair
yackattack: yawn
yackattack: river hitting XXXXX
TheFlyingBen: xxxx?
TheFlyingBen: what is that?
yackattack: youre a river hitting tard
TheFlyingBen: me? you insulting me?
yackattack: not you, wishmaster
TheFlyingBen: oh
yackattack: betting me with a7
yackattack: hitting on river
yackattack: when previously my 4s were good as gold
yackattack: ugh
yackattack: well there goes my pocket pair
yackattack: knew i was dominated...
yackattack: ugh
TheFlyingBen: join the club
yackattack: i think they do that on purpose, eh?
TheFlyingBen: to generatte a rake?
yackattack: ya
yackattack: a hefty rake
yackattack: wow no thanks
yackattack: guess my pair isnt good anymore
yackattack: 67?
yackattack: mayb flush
yackattack: yeah
yackattack: lol
yackattack: classic
TheFlyingBen: just can't get worse than that suckout
yackattack: just like when i flopped 2 sets with pocket pairs
yackattack: got beat by runner runner bs flushes both times
yackattack: q4 stuff like that
yackattack: no matter how much ib et
yackattack: lol
TheFlyingBen: can only bet 40
yackattack: KKK and 999
yackattack: so sick
yackattack: its like a damn greek tragedy
yackattack: hmm
TheFlyingBen: I have the nuts, watch me lose
yackattack: 2 pair i would think
yackattack: maybe flush draw
TheFlyingBen: hmmm
TheFlyingBen: I told him
yackattack: lol
TheFlyingBen: I said, I have the nuts,and he bets
yackattack: not too bright
TheFlyingBen: well, thanks for the dough
yackattack: thought id be creative with a 3 5 lol
yackattack: i love it when u call me big poppa
yackattack: i see some ladies tonight that should be havin my baby
yackattack: ask you what your interests are, who ya be with
yackattack: wow aces twice in a row huh bjo?
yackattack: must be nice.........

[edit] den text erweitert: ich dachte, er waere fertig, war er aber noch nicht ^^[/edit]

denkt euch den Rest ;)

gab aber auch viel wissenswertes beim Coaching, danke dafuer @ wish!