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Tourney Manager - Patch ist da !

    • nomar
      Dabei seit: 09.03.2006 Beiträge: 7.243
      ..und funktioniert auch alles wieder schön, schon getestet:

      Hier die Mail von Roy:


      I have a new release of Tourney Manager available that corrects the hand history changes that Party Poker made along with support for Full Tilt tiered tourneys and some other bug fixes. Download the update by:

      1) close down Tourney Manager
      2) download patch from http://www.rvgsoftware.com/tourneymanagerpatch.zip
      3) unzip the tourneymanager.exe into your program files\rvg software\tourney manager folder overwriting the file that is there
      4) launch Tourney Manager - it will say it is version 1.20 beta 4

      Recent Changes:

      Version 1.20

      * Improved Stars 18 man tourney support. It will now allow you to import from HH even if you are at table # 2 and it will look for 27000 total chips on the last hand to determine if it is an 18 man tourney and if so it will adjust the payouts accordingly. If you get knocked out before getting to the "final table" then it will record as a 9 man tourney since the Hand History does not indicate if it was a 9 man or 18 man tourney.
      * If your Stars filenames are renamed to not include the tourney buyin and rake details TM will now attempt to search through the file contents for this information and only prompt you to enter a default if it can not find it in both the filename and in the file contents.
      * Removed the 5 minute wait required for Full Tilt imports - this was put in place because Full Tilt does not explicitly say that the SNG is over. I am now analyzing stack sizes, action and results from the last hand in the file to determine if it is really over.
      * Fixed a bug in Full Tilt imports that occurred if both you and another player got knocked out at the same time and you had more chips than him. TM would default you to the bottom position but of course if you had more chips than the other knocked out player then you would finsh one spot ahead of him. This is now the case.
      * Party recently changed their hand history format by modifying the date string slightly which was causing problems - this is now fixed.
      * Fixed an issue with stars 18 man tourneys with the text "(moved from another table into small blind)" on the stack size line which caused problems.
      * If someone types in " Bets " or " Calls " or " Raises " in chat on the very last hand of a Stars SNG then the parser will not import the tourney properly.
      * Fixed Party Poker import after new Party update added USD and other changes
      * Issue with Full Tilt where if you had a space in your name then you would always be given 1st place in a HU tourney (plus likely other side effects)
      * Added support for Full Tilt Tiered tourneys
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