Folding War Basics

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pzhon explains the Folding War Basics: What is a folding war? How to win a folding war?


Folding War Basics Theory Video

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  • CBFunk


  • kiromanAAKK


    This is a great and valuable stuff! Thank you very much Coach for that :)
  • BIhben


  • hackfleesch


    very very good stuff. well presented as always. i enjoy watching your videos alot and i dont even play sngs...

    keep up the good work
  • jbpatzer


    Nice! I'm playing 6 max super turbos at the moment, and everything you said about 3 handed folding wars, and not playing for first, is even more relevant there, as the payout structure is roughly 2:1 as opposed to 3:1 when playing FR. Looking forward to more like this. Thx.
  • alenstrat


    Nice. LMAO. Folding war has always been my favorite poker term.
  • Grottesco


    Great video.
  • Jan217


    with the stop and go, would you say it would be better to check or check back if you hit a real monster to induce a bluff?
  • maikii23


    Great video! I'm definetely going to try "stop/limp and go" in the next games I will play. Also table of small blind pushes is worth to print it out.
  • 8979687


    Nice video!

    Any plans on steal / re steal ranges?

    or any other kind of tricky spots?

    Poker Strategy needs more of this!
  • pzhon


    @8 I often check to the preflop raiser if I planned to stop-and-go, but I flopped a monster like a set on a dry board. This gives the preflop raiser a chance to push with missed hands which would not call a push, although some players will check behind which sometimes hurts.

    With some hands, I will check-fold on some flops, too.

    @10 I am thinking about making a video on resteals. It is a complicated subject, and one worth studying. Steal ranges will come up a lot, too.
  • Rockynok


    video stops suddenly
  • Rockynok


    video stops in 3:42 minutes
  • pieter80


    @12 and 23 you need silver status to see whole vid.

    great info, verry usefull!
  • JustgAMblin


    nice vid.
  • Nejc351


    great video
  • LgWz


    Nice vid.
  • hackbinder


    Wow... Brains!

    Awesome lesson!
  • Teddymaci81


    Very valuable video for me because bubble play is one of my weaknesses. Now I know more about what to do in a folding war.
  • PokerAddict36


    Love it :)
  • rnsrnw


    very good video! I'd also like to see some resteal content from you.
  • pokerski


  • Sz0gun


    Phil Laak talked about this video on Poker after dark xD
  • pzhon


    @23 Neat! Which week or episode was it?
  • Sz0gun


    @24 Poker After Dark Cash Game S07 Ep08
  • Sz0gun


    also in Ep09
  • pzhon


    Thanks for pointing that out! I wouldn't have expected them to mention a video on tournament theory in the middle of a cash game.
  • Harnas31


    Wow - mind blowing
  • sdsbates


    Nice video, really learnt some important concepts, thank you!
  • moveon123


    nice video thank you for this
  • inlovewithamsterdam


    great video, eye opening! Your videos + ICM Explorer = nuts. I base half of my blog on it!