Multi Table Sit and Goes: Middle Phase - Part 2

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $55
  • Fullring (9-10)
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The second part from Katie will focus on 45 to 180 man multi-table Sit & Goes at the mid-level where the bubble play usually becomes the deciding factor in the tournament.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the second part of Multi-table Sit & Goes with Katie where general strategies will be discussed for mid-level and bubble-play

    Please do leave your thoughts & Feedback about the Video!
  • Hatched


  • LX4DR


    good 4min
  • Bartmannn


    Great Vid again, but what took you so long? Stuck in traffic?! ;)
    Looking forward to the "bubble video". Hope its coming sooner ^^
  • kiromanAAKK


    Ehi, it isn't fair I cannot watch :(
  • SMler1


    Great job, katie. Please more videos.
    STT shorthanded and fullring too,pl.
    You are much better than most of the other coaches.
  • Konzbi


    34:11 that flating option, isnt it making a though spot when You make oportunity for sameone to squeez or also call and force us to play oop (in a sandwitch :P ) ?
  • CollinMoshman


    Great vid!
  • FlipFlop123


    Great video Katie,liked it very much.More videos of this kind pls ^^
  • Beave


    Great video. Clear reasoning and easy listening to. Hope to see more. I hope the next videos remain silver level.
  • KatieDozier314


    #8, Konzbi: While flatting isn't perfect, it's often the best option facing a preflop raise when we're ahead of the opener's range, but will tend to fold out worse hands and mainly get action from better hands if we 3bet. :)
  • KatieDozier314


    LX4DR, Bartmannn,SMler1, CollinMoshman,vika6292, FlipFlop123, Beave: Thanks so much for your kind words :)
  • Tim64


    16:15 82o vs BU limp. a.) This guy is 25/0 after 12 hands. b.) He is the same guy who limped AJ utg 2 hands prev. Therefore: his BU limping range is most certainly not weak. The fact that we've just seen the AJ hand should be the most important fact in our analysis and isn't mentioned. Vs this guy the shoving range suggested is imo way too loose.
  • Tim64


    20:00 KQo. It's the same guy. Generalising for HBLs is pretty dangerous. Our light shoves rely on Feq. Therefore, we have to know the guy can fold some hands. If we don't know that, we have to more circumspect in constructing our range.
  • Tim64


    33:30 Great advice about forming a plan about what we will do if reraised, before raising the hand. As you say, it makes life a lot easier.
  • KatieDozier314


    16:15 I agree that saying he’s “almost always” weak is an overstatement. With that said there’s a big difference between an EP open-limp and a button open-limp; he’s often weak, and the folds we get for a large pot won uncontested combined with our equity against his calling range make this a spot we can still shove pretty wide. Similar comment at 20:00; it’s difficult to translate a 12-hand sample into open and call ranges, and tightening some from the range I gave is definitely reasonable. But I would definitely shove the KQ.
    33:30 Thanks, and I appreciate your feedback! :)
  • kiromanAAKK


    Ehi Katie, token the silver status to watch this video ;D

    gread vid btw ...

    just one thing, what is the last stats u using (I struggle to understand due my poor English sorry)

    TY :)
  • KatieDozier314


    @KirmanAAKK : thanks for your nice comments! :) The last stat is raise 1st in the SB%
  • Miloszpoker2


    Good vid, but I'd more like to see some games on 13 or less bb :)
  • Laci24


    Nice vid!
  • Barlin63


    a breath of fresh air!!