Freebie: An Insyder spies on the German forum

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Insyder19 takes to the German forum for the purposes of reviewing a hand played at Pot-Limit Omaha mid-stakes on PokerStars, involving Hero as one of our community members, as well as a player who has been identified as having a low quality of play, contrasting beautifully with the villain "DonkPredator", who is one of the best mid-stakes regulars on PokerStars.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the final freebie of May, presented to you by Insyder19 with a short visit to the German forums for the purposes of some quality Omaha hand evaluation.

    Feel free to place a comment about the video here in English.

    For strategy discussion, be sure to visit the Thread in the Omaha strategy boards:

    Finally, for a full overview of our Weekly Freebies - see the Overview thread here:
  • EuanM


    The original post concerning the hand can be found here:
  • veeRtje


    Probably the worst freebie that I've seen so far.

    It seems as if insyder is seeing the hand for the first time, and is making his analysis on the fly. He changes his mind a few times mid sentence.

    What doesn't help is that insyder needs a lot of focus to pronounce actual English words. Something that doesn't come natural to him at all.
  • sido222


    Insyder content is always great ! i would like to see more full videos available for gold/silver members though. so there would be less bronze members complaining while at the same time not restricting it to the small group of platin/diamond members. would be happy to see NL content and live sessions with insyder as well.
  • insyder19


    Hey veeRtje,

    I actually did spend quite a while thinking about this hand and didn't post in the thread because I wanted to come up with my thoughts in the vid.

    The reason I change my mind a little bit is because the more you think about the hand the more you can add couple thoughts as unlike NL in PLO there are way more combos of hands :)
  • Tim64


    enjoyed; many thanks.