Side by Side: Heads-up

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $105
  • Heads-up (2)
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faarcyde delivers a multitable review of the $15 SnG's at Down from his usual stakes, faarcyde takes us through the first SnG limit where people are said to make a comfortable living, only when faarcyde doesn't sit at their table of course...


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  • gaijin69


    I play no S'n'Gs whatsoever, but I did like this video very much. Great confidence in your line of reasoning and your plays. Hell, I could even say you sounded quite badass:D Although that would probably be a bit gay. Still, not as gay as Twilight! ;D

    But seriously, good job!
  • alexfrans


    Why is this platinumvid and not for exampel silver+. This site has a lack of husng videos.
  • elekadammate


    Nice work! The "monster in position theory" is something i should focus on.

    I have a lot of problem playing against aggressive opponents when i am card dead. I want to see a video about that type of match, if you think too that it is a good idea.
  • faarcyde


  • RobN


    GG. Nice video.
  • Ohs


    Yeh there is lack of HU sng content for sure especially on bronze - gold level, By the way against a reg who 3bets alot isnt it better to rather just min raise ?
  • Falco35


    Nice vid, sir.
  • greyboy


    Great video! In the description though, both the full ring and shorthanded links go to the full ring video.