No Limit SH $25 - Low to Mid Stakes Series Part II

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded (5-6)
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Kommentare (33)

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  • piraya


    Nice. Have been waiting for this. Thank you!
  • TheBrood


    Hasenbraten has some serious competition =) Nice video!
  • NymXXL


    Great video :). The most useful video for me here ( I play NL25 SH ). Thank you!
  • Shodvar


    great job! i really liked it ;)
  • TribunCaesar


    Thnx for the nice commenty guys. I am happy that you like it. :)
  • Solomaextra


    I play NL25 SH too, great for me!
  • otoo


    great video for a player that starts at nl 25 sh!

    P.S: Why do u raise at 0,85 and not 1$??
  • PidKoker


    why is the video broken it was getting good and then it cut out :(
  • redskwerl


    ETA on the next vid of the series?
  • Instinctively


    great video as always Tribun ;) but where's part one?
  • Instinctively


    i mean it's quicker and easier with the "bet pot button" it's also cheaper if you have to fold on a 3bet
  • saved


    where do u get stats?
  • soulari


    One of the best instruction vids for lowstakes
  • deco99


    part one is in bronze section very good too :)
  • LemOn36


    lol the 57s hand :D
  • LemOn36


    Just finished.

    I must say Tribuncaesar that you are the only reason I will ever visit video section again.

    Hasenbraten has really annoying pitch, mic noises and no clear structure in the truckload of videos he sends.

    One amazing structured session like this was worth more for me than 10 of other vids combined! Keep up the great work and I hope to see more and more from you :)
  • MagicH


    very good video
  • fakedurrr


    yea, at 3/4 or 2/3 it just cut off, it is not willing to continue and this video looked really good and I could get some good spots to consider etc.
  • ecquadros


    im from portuguese comunity and found here some excelent videos from tribuncaesar... ty and good job..
  • killedbamby


    tribuncesar, i like your vids the most :)

    good vid again
  • roswellx


    Wow. 5th time I watched this video now :)
  • hatman007


    very nice vid!
  • SanHill


    gr8 video 4 a player that starts at this limit.

    good job !
  • SanHill


    ...and ty :)
  • love2w1N


    Congrats! Great vid and useful 1 !
  • vermifuge


    otoo standard raise in a 6 handed game is something like 3.2, 3.5 the ranges are way more wider than in a 9 handed table , it's more post flop poker than preflop poker like in a 9 handed game
  • adizzlle


    nice vid!
  • RaduDusa


    nice video
  • snobbynose


    excellent video, more of the same please
  • carexfish


    Weak video.Black Swan effect will take u down.Telling the future by looking in the past...EPICFAIL.Now I know why people pay my fullhouses with ace high....
  • carexfish


    This video name should be "how to use poker program to put labels on people from one sesion or even 30-50 hands".
  • mooheng


  • JeremyAustin


    Nice video, Need to start understanding stats more on holdem manager.