50PLO Live Regular Tables

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $50
  • Shorthanded (5-6)
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You've seen Skodljivec battle at the PLO50 Zoom tables but for this video Skodljivec is going to slow down a little and play on the regular tables to show off his play against regs and focus a bit more on tight reads


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  • silentpurple


  • Mattes78


    nice vid. i like!
  • Roflmofl


    nice table talk @min 16 ;)
  • boool


    13:10. table #2. good hand to limp behind OTB ?
  • Skodljivec



    Thanks! :)


    Definetly not, unless you are a crushing LAG at your stake. It's the prototypical PLO trouble hand, so you should shy away from it.


  • Falber


    nice vid
  • MrTrocks


    nice vid. and as always some questions :-)
    min 19:20 table 1 isnt it a very good spot (even more with ure 6 trips hit) to bet the paired turn? or do u dont bet it because u have a decent hand now?
    min 29 table 4: when u bluffraise a monotone flop like this say with a blocker or without, would u always fire turn and river with ure blocker and without not?
    min 31:10 table 3: would u check/raise ott vs a reg? (standard reg not an aggr reg)
    min 33:50 table 1: you dont make a note that he is donk bluffing here on 663ss 4way?
    min 36:50 i dont get ure line turn and river on table 2. when u do not expect villian to fold why u shove the river and do not check behind in this spot ott and otr?
    min 38:30 nice fold on table 1
    min 42:15 table 4 do u expect a lot folds here ott because he is a nit?