SNG Special $200-300 Jonathan Little

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $200 - $350
  • Fullring (9-10)
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  • karlo123


    Viel Spaß beim Gucken :)
  • flocen


    @ karlo: in english please!
  • Kud3


    in der ersten hand schlägt ihn doch kein flush ^^
  • Dodadodadodada


    oh lala


    Irgendwelche guten Moves dabei? Könnte ja wohl ab Gold sein, schade.
  • karlo123


    @2: auf der englishen videoseite natürlich auch in english ;)
  • Gartenzwerg


    damn need diamond :D
  • veeRtje


    damn i wish i was diamond.
  • ThisRiverIsWild


    Ganz schön aggressives BRM mit $18k die $555er zu spielen, hm?
  • Dorfzocker75


    do you always limp little pockets in early position? u´ll get an isolation raise from other players oop and dont get the implieds or you play vs the bb(+sb) and dont get the implieds too. is it really ev+?
  • Taurum


    wär schön wenns ab Platin wär :)
  • TeddyTheKiller


    Overall: Good Video
    Unfortunatley not really any interesting spots. Min 31: A7 is very marginal especially pushing into the Fish I'd push A9+.
    min 42:30 I call T9 for almost 10:1
    I really admire the way you allways found something to talk about, which, as I know is pretty hard, if you get no action. In particular I liked the parts, where you talked about how to approach the game when wanting to make a living out of poker.
    The only downside to the video was that you talked a lot about really standard type decisions and kinda went a bit over the top with explaining these "4handed is called javascript:document.getElementById('createcomment').submit()bubble" etc.
    Thanks for this anyway, I feel I could learn something from this.
  • BigAndy


    LOL: erste Hand 33. Board K8886 mit 3 Diamond. "he probably has a flush or a 7 and beats me"
  • JohnnyRico


    Board is K6668 but np Andy we know what u mean.
  • hotnix


    i like the first 4 min., please more vids to get another 4 min. :)
  • FireFox89


    nettes video, jedoch nur wenige interessant spots. 1-2 schlechte shoves waren schon dabei. Kann mir keiner erzählen dass der K4o shove auch nur ansatzweise +ev ist ;D
  • snip3r


    lol clearly to see than these registred people (min 1:45) from berlin playing together!!!
  • cohkka



    nice level
  • mnl1337


    nice vid. :)
  • BAndelfAnIE


    bananiebanan4tw, he crushed tremendously, imo best parts
  • Lukas8462


    ...peel like a
  • ThisRiverIsWild



    Ich kenn mich bei SNGs nicht besonders aus. Wieso korrigierst du mich nicht einfach, anstatt im BBV-Style zu antworten?
  • Xantos


    Die $18.000 sind ja nicht seine Bankroll, sondern halt das Geld, was er gerade jetzt auf diesem Pokeranbieter hat.

    Seine "echte" Bankroll sind viele hunderttausend Dollar.
  • Xylit88


    sind die gegner auf stars schlechter als auf party?
    kommt mir so vor oder irr ich mich?
  • cohkka



    Sorry, ich dachte halt wirklich, das wäre eine Level von dir. Google mal etwas über den Herrn Little und was der alles so gecrusht hat. ;)
  • Santalino2


    was a little bit lucky and have had weak villians (only Huckz was strong). From TeddyFSB i thought before it is a good player, but i dont understand the JJ push by 15/30 blinds at minute 7. The K4o push at minute 47 is -ev, but on the other hand by 5-6bb and many villians left its time for gamble. If he goes through the blinds he lost massive fold-equity.

  • Groni


    nice vid
    u can deactivate the right click them popup under options->Right-click...
  • 7high


    nice vid
  • Sacrifice51


    Hey Jon, welcome to Pokerstrategy :)
    Are some MTT Videos in your planings ?
    It would be great to see such a good Tourney Player as you are, playing a Tournament at the Final Table or something like that.

    Best Wishes,
  • Falkoth



    As of 2008, his total live tournament winnings exceed $3,900,000.

    er hat eine sehr solide BR =)
    mach dir um ihn keine sorgen, für weitere infos, such ihn mal bei wikipeia.
  • JonathanLittle


    Thanks to everyone for all the comments. As for the comments, I will address the hands in the order they came in the game.

    First off, I do not know German, so please keep the comments to English if you want me to have any chance to reply. On the first hand where I had 33, I said the wrong thing. I meant to say a K or a flush. Seeing him show a 7 threw me off. As for limping with small pairs early, I usually limp except in the most aggressive games, as you will usually be able to see a flop for 5bbs or less.

    In the 7th minute, Teddy is in a rough spot, as folding JJ seems a bit weak. He obviously cant call, so he either has to push, knowing he is getting called around 95% of the time where he is a coin flip at best, or he can fold. I think in that spot, folding is probably better, as he really has no fold equity and could easily be against a bigger pair.

    In the 31st minute, the push with A7 is close for sure. I have not ran the actual numbers in a long time, but if it is -ev, it is only very slightly -ev. The main reason I would not push is because huckz is shorter than me.

    In the 42nd minute, I should have called with the T9. I am not too sure why I didnt, besides the fact I was talking about a hand that just happened. Hopefully that goes to show you all that it is important to pay attention.

    As for multi table tournament videos, I am more than willing to make them. The only problem is that I do not play that many online tournaments anymore besides a few on Sundays. If it is requested though, I will play fomr 45 and 180 person sngs and will record my sunday mtt play, even though I cant really promise any final table play. Any other comments/requests would be greatly appreciated.
  • JonathanLittle


    Thanks for the comment. Any other comments/requests would be appreciated.
  • UrielSeptim


    min 7:40, 55: Why do you think, your opponent could be scared of the Ace? Are you sometimes limping with AK, so you could represent an Ace here, or did you just decided, that your opponent is a fish, who would not notice, that the Ace did certainly not help you?
  • shakin65


    7:08 Jonathan, I don't see any value in betting the river with a flush on a double paired board vs. several villains.
  • JonathanLittle


    While I do limp AK from time to time, there are really very few As in my range. However, most opponents do not know this and see every overcard turn as a scare card. As for the 84s hand, it is probably a thin value bet, although I do not know why someone would have not bet an A or J at some point throughout the hand.
  • shakin65


    Thx for replying. I'm still skeptical which hands you want a get value from. But not a big deal. Looking forward to see more videos :-)
  • AgiPokerStar


    cool video. thanks.
  • RollingStoned


    you can turn off the theme options on pokerstars somewhere in the options! disturbed me a lot too..