The PKR Cosplay Show with tonypmm

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Our Community Show's host, LemOn36 has invited a pretty well known community member - tonypmm. The main topic is: creating cool avatars on PKR.


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  • CollinMoshman


    Great interview guys!
  • tonypmm


    #1 - I'm sorry, I understand your feeling. I'm terribly bad at speaking, chronically sleepy and forgot to turn off volume auto-adjustment in Skype (I hope that rookie mistake was fixed by the sound engineers), and of course those incidents with PKR's client crashes were results of my stupid negligence.

    I'm still waiting for a recording of the previous episode (the one with LuckyLukePS), it must be a really interesting watch.


  • LemOn36


    This episode was certainly something unique - can't expect everyone to love it ;)
    Thank you very much Tony for showing us our way around the PKR character creation!
  • miloskrstic


    PKR next version will contain a 3D printer to send each other all kinds of things and perhaps even the projection of the table and the players realistic proportions.
  • amokoma


    Lucky me