NL25 Rush Poker on Full Tilt

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  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded (5-6)
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Asimos plays a live session on NL25 Rush Poker on Full Tilt, explaining his decisions and answering all questions.


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  • demoflash


  • WhiteBully


    Its ok
  • eddyrj


    very good!!
  • asimos


    thanks :)
  • Applepoker18


    is was OK! i like its video! good luck than! :)
  • felixfelixi


  • MisterSnS


    great video, but ugly chick imo, nose too big, weird look... you should put one of the hot russians from pokerstrategy on your screen :))
  • asimos


    nah... come on, I am in love with this girl :) Happy you liked the video :)
  • silvikk


  • Kuzqo


    + 1 to MisterSnS, we prefer another girls, russians are a good choice :)
  • Kuzqo


    Minute 1:50 with T6s which completed a straight in river, wouldnt it be better to check/raise in the river? The villain can think that you are bluffing and he might bet with hands like Kx, TT, 8x, 66, and so on. If you shoot 3 barrels the villain for sure folds all these hands.
  • asimos


    #14 Hey Kuzqo... ok, next time russians girls :)
    1:50: I don't believe he folds TT, 9x, 8x always... people tend to call whatever at these stakes. Also he doesn't fold Kx almost never.

    But the most important is that I never assume that Villain will bluff if he is unknown. My assumption is that people do not bluff a lot.. and that they don't fold a lot... so I don't bluff catch a lot and I value bet a lot and large sizings. At micro stakes we should VALUE BET :)
  • Kuzqo


    Hi Asimos, you are probably right in your general view, but in my opinion there are lots of villains that do bluff a lot in the micros. The problem here is that we don't know the villain, so it is impossible to know if he is aggresive or no. Obviously if he is not agressive, he never will bluff hands with showdown value like Kx, TT, 9x, 8x. But if we knew that he is agressive, would you like check/raising in the river? And another thing you say is that you don't care to be balanced because you are unknown for the rivals, but when they start to have some hands of you, will you play in the same way, just betting big for value? Because if villains know you are just betting big when you have a good hand they are not going to pay you too often.
  • Kuzqo


    13:28 if you had not completed your flush, would have you bet the river and for what amount? And what cards you will never be bluffing in that river?

    20:05 why don't you bet on that river with your top pair after the weakeness the villain has showned? On that board I don't think villain is going to bluff, but maybe he is paying a small bet with Kx or Qx
  • Kuzqo


    22:49 what is your secret to hit sets non-stop? :)
  • Kuzqo


    31:47 what is your goal here with these two cbets so small in flop and turn? You are not going to get any fold even from overcards and you are too exposed to a raise cbet in any of the two streets, especially in the turn, because villain will probably see your small bets as a sign of weakeness. Wouldn't it be better to bet at least half pot in flop and turn? You will get a lot of folds of overcards.

    And how would you have played if you had had a strong hand like overpairs? Because if you bet small when you have nothing and big when you have a nice hand, you will be quite predictable after a thousand or two thousand hands...
  • Kuzqo


    Sorry, I did not see your explanation in the video soon after...
  • asimos


    #17 13:28 probably I bluff all the rivers around 60% of the pot. And yes, when I bet for value I bet bigger bc I target the stronger part of his range...without expecting Villains to track me at this stake

    20:05 I don't think villain has a lot of Kx, Qx on his range.. Mostly when he flats the iso he has pp and Ax and some suited connectors.

    When his bets the flop so small... I think he has some peace of the board usually rather than I believe that check to induce > to bet for value in this run out.. But maybe bet is ok also.
  • asimos


    #19 31:47: Theoretically, the bets on the flop and on the turn should be such to allow you to put all the money in by the river. In this aspect, they should be a little larger (probably closer to 1/3 of the pot).
  • asimos


    #18 When you become a coach you hit sets all the time :)
  • asimos


    #16 forgot that for some reason :)

    If I know he is aggressive I like check raising the river more.
    Your experience will say which tendency is dominant... his
    calling station one... or the aggro one :) Obviously, if he is aggro but folding a lot check raise > bet.

    At stakes below 50nl I don't care to be balanced. At 50nl and higher I care to be balanced only vs good regs who have history of me.
  • Kuzqo


    Hei Asimos, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer all the questions. By the way, I'm starting to apply some moves I have seen in your videos, especially betting big and playing fast my best hands and fish and bad regs pay a lot, they don't care if you overbet and I have to say that my winrate is improving. For example, this weekend I have played around 5.000 hands in NL10 at 22bb/100 EV (not zoom, but normal tables) for sure there are variance in this small sample, I've been running rather well and definitely you have given me some of your good luck because I have been hitting sets very often and in the right moments :)
  • GaryOuk


  • kukko2


    hmm... nice video, i like your straight forward aggro style.
  • mirkotek1984


  • wih43l4


  • GrindingNajra


    13:09 what do you do when you miss the river. Then there is a lot of pressure to bluff there since 6 high never wins the pot. So is playing that hand less agressive not better?
  • GrindingNajra


    Sorry table 2 6h5h. What are your thoughts?
  • asimos


    #32,33 I will bluff most rivers around 60% if I miss. I think this is a nice hand to 3 barrel... and most people will fold vs 3 anyway... only the best Kx will call.. and probably raises the sets in some point with the two flush draws out there :) If I had the Ahxh maybe I would consider to check back the turn and re evaluate the river... since now I have more showdown value.