NL50 Rush Poker on Full Tilt

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  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Shorthanded (5-6)
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Our coach plays a live session on NL50 Rush Poker on Full Tilt. Enjoy!


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  • Shevtshenko


    What do you play normally and how are your results?
  • scuby58


  • balcan777


  • Mirandalein


    Cant read the small screens.
  • wih43l4


    it is nice were are you doing. are u old player ?
  • asimos


    #4 I play 100nl zoom, shooting 200nl zoom at the moment.
    I have 6bb/100 last 80K at 100nl and 8.7bb/100 or sth for around 55K at 50nl zoom...(last years hands)
    here is a link of my later results updated one month or so in my blog... I will upload soon
    total winnings with all fresh profits included :)
  • asimos


    #15 playing poker around 5 years or so... but seriously mostly last 3 years :)
  • fmobil


    Great vid, ty bro
  • prydkui


    very good
  • pisiattu


    nice graph
  • Buzibaer


    I think I would've played almost every hand in a different way.
    For example 49:26, left: Why are you betting here with AQ? You get no better hands to fold the flop and almost no worse hands to call and you can't really barrel against the short stack. AQ without backdoors is probably the worst hand here to cbet. Right table, same time: 3 streets of value here. You have fullhouse, I mean are you afraid of 7x or do you really think people bluff too much on these kind of boards?
  • asimos


    #25 very interesting you would play almost every hand in a different way :) I must either be missing sth or be really lucky on the tables with my strategy right? Some humor here, I don't mind hard comments as long as they are well disposed :)

    49.26 AQ blocks some Kx of villain's range... now I fail to understand your thinking process regarding cbetting..The other time you asked me why I didn't cbet with my outs if I recall correctly..but having backdoors or outs is not always the reason to or not to cbet. This is kind of old school imo. 1) He can fold a lot of worse hands which have though some equity vs my holding and 2) taking the pot now is always a good outcome... you think I don't have enough fold equity in such a dry board? 3) Also he can call with worse.. hands with backdoor draws like AsX ..(he is a fish he can def call with worse!! ...come on) and also my AQ has 6 outs vs pp and I am going through the river vs them... probably taking some value when I hit (vs the fish a high % of the times..and that's the reason I am not bluffing this player too!!)

    Now on the right table with the full house you really think I have 3 streets of value?... and that he calls 3 times with worse here... but with what worse?? A high? pp? And what should the guy on the btn expect me to bet 3 times on this board in order to justify a call multi way?

    Maybe I could value bet the river vs the pp - pretty much vs 99, TT, but not so many combos of those so I think xc is probably better (8 is bad cause he is calling w 88 the flop, his flop calling range is 88-TT, 7x, 5x and some broadways / hands like A6s, 89s etc)... If river was a J,Q,K,A value betting now would be better since he has probably some combos of them in his flop floating range..
  • tr1cky


    thank you :)