Third Floor Party - Figuring Out Flops (1)

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $10 - $100
  • Shorthanded (5-6)
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Third Floor Party is the second mini-series by w34z3l you will have a chance to watch this year. This time it's all about 3-bets!


3-bet 3-bets 3bet pots Equity mini-series range third floor weasel

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  • Srdjanbg11000


    Good video
  • Oleglapochkin


    good speach !
  • arvis77


    Pokerstrategy is the best learning site i ever seen !
  • elxixienojotas


    Weazel aka WeazelGOD
  • B52Bomber


    thx 3 your vids w34z3l. learned so much from u. u are a really good coach! (ps: sky is the limit. more vids plz :D)
  • leao93


    Very good!!
  • LazyFoxx


    Hi w34z3l, thank you very much for this new series, it's very helpful! I have the following question/comment. In value betting IP section you are saying that it's wrong to consider value betting mandatory if we have 50% equity vs. villain's calling range because we do not consider how often we get raised. But as I understand, calling range by definition should consist only of the hands that villain is calling our bet with. And hands that he potentially could raise us with should be excluded. And vs this calling range we should have more than 50% of equity to consider this as value bet.
  • LazyFoxx


    Please disregard this comment - it's for the River Rockstar series!
  • belgianbeer


    nut !