$44 Turbo 6-Max MTT Analysis

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $38 - $50
  • Shorthanded (5-6)
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Collin reviews one of the recent $44 Turbo 6-Max tournament he played. Enjoy & leave your comment below!


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    Good yees
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    8:05 QJo: Turn bet is fine probably but imo its bit thin sort of value and does open shove opportunity for villain. Are you planning to fold versus shove? You need around 30% equity to call. If we assume his range is something like 88,44,AJs,KJs,QJs,JTs,AcTc,Ac9c,Ac7c,Ac6c,Ac5c,Ac4c,Ac3c,Ac2c,AJo,KJo,QJo,JTo,Ac9d,Ac9h,Ac9s,Ac8d,Ac8h,Ac8s,Ac7d,Ac7h,Ac7s,KcTd,KcTh,KcTs,Kc9d,Kc9h,Kc9s,Kc7d,Kc7h,Kc7s,9c8d,9c8h,9c8s you would still have 33%. So with bit deeper stacks I would be more happy to bet and face easy fold to raise.

    15:05 Q9s: Never really minraising there versus these player types. Open shove as default or open limp with nice postflop playability. But I think this is sort of too good to be limp-folded as shove is pretty clearly +EV.

    15:30 A9o: I would not call half pot small on A93. Huge huge range advantage for you and shallow stacks so I would go with around 30-35% bet as default.

    17:51 JTo: Pretty borderline open raise versus loose looking opponents.

    20:05 JJ: Similar to A9 that BB range is crushed versus your range and its pretty dry so half pot is on big side for cbet.

    Last hand 33: Stack setup not perfect but would you ever consider nonallin to 35-40k here? Wont leave possibility for BB to really flat but you could fold if two villains shoves. But as said it would be better for stacks to be othwerway around that BU would be third, SB second and BB biggest stack.
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks guys. And Ghaleon, great questions.

    I agree that it's a nasty decision if he check/shoves turn, and also that against a LAG/tricky player we would probably have to call it off. While that's not ideal, I do prefer that option (b/c) to checking back and giving him a free card.

    Nice comments on Q9/A9/JJ, I definitely agree with your sizing ideas.

    With JTo, I like having an MR/fold range in that spot and I think the weaker offsuit broadways are decent for that purpose.

    In the last hand, I usually don't make that type of play, but you're right that it can be the highest EV line when used in the right ICM spots.
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    Will watch as soon as I get gold!