FL $0.50/$1 SH Session Review

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $0.50/$1
  • Shorthanded (5-6)
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PokerStars Session Review

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  • Heffron89


    Cool video thanks, I like your videos :)
  • Waiboy


    Nice vid thanks Alph0r :)
  • kAAhlo


    KJs coldcall from sb. We flop a fd to the nuts. How about donk flop?
  • kAAhlo


    Its 4 handed so I would donk the flop. No info on preflop raiser, who is last to act + we have good equity. I think check is a mistake in this spot.
  • kevvu


    I have one question about hand 5:20. Isnt it better to donk there with your nut FD and BDSD?
  • kevvu


    I didnt noticed kAAhlo u had same question :D. I agree with u.
  • kevvu


    Still nice vid ;)
  • spriteA


    Wow! Nice video :) Thank you, Alphor.
    I have the same question about situation 5:20.
  • Alph0r


    Sorry, the video doesnt load, the servers are really slow atm. I will write something, when I can see the video.
    Im also sorry, because I didnt respond for so long. I get a message, when someone comments my german videos, so i thought its the same for english videos.
  • Alph0r


    I think, its better to check. If I get 3 callers, then my donk is for Value, but even then my I only have a small EQ edge and I have to Bet the Turn again or my hand will be face up.

    If I donk and only get 2 callers, then I am just even, and sometimes I will get isolated against a better Hand, if I donk. I think, its better to Check an C/C if I only have 1-2 opponents and C/R against 3.

    Also when I C/C on The Flop its possible to C/R on the turn, if I can trap 1 or 2 opponents.