PLO $200 SH Live Video

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $200
  • Shorthanded (5-6)
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  • Sexicano


    At 19:30 u had nut straight that u didnt notice so u ended folding the hand,heh
  • mofasa86


    19:30 board is Q859A. You're holding 7JTK. JT makes the nuts and you fold? :)
  • aciddrop


    Also, at 10:48, you fold a gutshot, but really you have a double gutshot. Any 3, any 7, makes your straight. Probably still a fold though.

    PLO is difficult to see everything.
  • FranzSanchez


    yo compadre, did you just fold the stone cold nuts on 19:42 8/9/10/J/Q ? ? ?
    you even said you had a nice turn card! Before it was Hasenbraten folding a flopped set and now you folding the nuts..good work PSDE!!

    Anywayz, keep the content going, I love your videos
  • songha


    19:55 u fold the straight with JT**
  • TwiceT


    fold the nutz sir? wazzuup?
    i also recorded a plo200sh vid on party this week. plo is fun :D

    6:30: why not c/rai? that way you give him a chance to bluff the J with his draws. since u potted, u are going broke anyway for his stack and u dont get any value from his bluff range. if he checks back and the flush hits u can easily b/f river for pure value.

    @ freeeedom: i owned him so hard, up 4.5k against him on 400 and 1k :D
    does he have a new screen? is he that freeeeetreeees guy?
  • morttii


    hahaha folding the nuts was great "i have nothing
  • XeroHTLP


    Are you folding the Nuts on the River in 19:35 ????
  • blackops888


    OMG that fold on 19:35 made me feel physically sick! lol