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TwiceT plays PLO200 HU on Ladbrokes. He talks about the fundamentals of HU PLO game as playing in position and not tilting when weak players are hot. He plays an aggressive match vs a regular who takes some unconventional lines and shows how to adapt vs him.


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  • rom187


    omg first!!!!!!!!!1111
  • behappy


    Nice Video.

    When do you cbet 7 and when 8EUR?
  • tpmania


    nice video, realy interesting for me. well done
  • Instinctively


    Very nice to see some plo hu content, i'm going to watch it tomorrow.
    thumbs up!
  • Adrenalin


    nice vid. 5/5
  • Adrenalin


    im not sure but i really think u often (for sure not always) bet 8 Euro with strong hands and 7 euro with weaker betfold hands. maybe im wrong but i think theres a little betsizeingtell!? :P
  • Jackalof


    5:25 - how do you determine an unknown guy's range? You 3-bet oop with aces, flop comes 6dJd9c - isn't c-bet/fold better here since your check will induce his bet 80% of the time? I mean, you would never check such a heavy board with something, so he has an easy small bet out to take it down. This makes me think 3-betting with ANY hand in PLO HU is useless since you wont hit too often?

    10:15 you have to call a cheeseburger in a bigmac pot to see what he has. Isn't it worth 2 bucks to see what his minbet on the river means?

    32:30 don't you give him too paranoid range? he never has 88 there + his donk looks like he wants to get paid for his flush vs your two pair or set - raising never an option here?

    Very nice video, I hope someday to build big bankroll to play you HU ;)
  • TwiceT


  • TwiceT


  • dodoo


  • dps86


  • thebigheizung85


    @7 and 8: Great!! HAHA :-) and you post at 5:14? coming home from a party where you danced like a drunken monkey?

    as usual a great video from TwiceT! And i definitely agree that one table is enough for PLO HU... for most gold members certainly. It is still tough enough to concentrate and follow the thoughts of the coach.
  • thebigheizung85


    ah damn... i don't want to indicate anything at 5:14, but the time of your post... 5.14 a.m.
  • TwiceT


    no idea why my comments aren't displayed actually. but this time - i swear :D - i wasnt drunk. next party on friday!
  • TwiceT


    @ 2
  • maxlukas83


    @ 2
  • Adrenalin


    lol drunk coach inside
  • TwiceT


    5:25 - vs unknown i such a board def. hits parts of his calling range. but the bigger problem here for me is that i get called (or raised, but vs raise its easy) too often and i dont have a turn and river plan. so when i feel i cant do too much on turns and rivers oop, i just give up early in a game. but ofc, he can also have 2244 ss or stuff that would snap fold to a cbet. so b/f with intention of giving up any turn should also be ok. at the beginning of a match i think he will put me on the hand i have too often, so i just took the easiest way out by c/f.

    10:15 - you're right. when watching it now again, i think i should have called his cheesburger bet in a bigmac menu pot.

    32:30 - yeah. might be a little bit too paranoid on plo200. however, imo def. never a raise. he must be a biiiig fish (usually i just see those in live games). he cant rly call a river raise with worse. and even if, he is calling with worse way less often than with better hands. that said, the call in this spot is quite easy when i see it now. if he pots the river its very very close and i think vs him fold is better.

    u wanna play me hu? come to vienna and we play plo10hu in super drunk mode :D

    loser pays vodka in club! winner gets vodka + fame ;-)
  • Jackalof


    haha, sounds awesome :)

    Ty for quick reply, nice explanation.
  • bluffern1


  • TwiceT


    i try it once again to post ....
  • SinPek


    No he entendido muy bien la mano de As Ah Kd 8h: juega check fold con ases?

    No es una línea excesivamente pasiva?
  • fortune69


    какой-то нит-бамхантер.
  • moppel99


    good vid, weiter like this
  • TwiceT


    maybe my comment works when i dont write AT and numbers ...

    vs blue marked players aka fish im usually betting very exploitably on every street. small on flop with weak hands (sometimes with monsters+redraw monsters to induce or let them hit 2nd best hands) and big on flop with big hands. also im usually bluffing rivers big in spots i need fe and vbet small in spots where i feel a big bet scares them too much. vs fish maxEV betsizes and not balancing at all is teh nutz imo :D even if its obvious - they're called fish for a reason and dont recognize and counter it.

    usually i even mix betsizes up way more. should have talked about it more i guess. next time i will ;)
  • Obormoten


    Класс. ) Особенно первые 4 минуты. )
  • Giko1860


    ösi? :D
  • geoelt


    nice vid., not that familiar with plo hu until now, but def. worth watching.

    like the comments on the influence of tilting

    overall thanks good input for me :)
  • Fistor


  • palomablack


    #1 tiene razon.
  • DenQ


    coz I am a pro I hit my gutshot - улыбнуло =)
  • NotNever


    Oh, yeaaaah.
    It was truly mind fuc**** experience.
    You really seem to read opponent's minds/cards.
  • SanFather


    hero очень читаем и предсказуем, средненький уровень игры
  • sommermeer


    min 39 : warum instafoldest du nutstraight? nur flush hat dich beat oder? übersehen?
  • sommermeer


    eh min 39: why u instafold ur nutstraight? only flush beat u?
  • devilsuited


    Can you make a video how to beat guys who play the same position strategy like u 1-2 2-4 3-6 limits???
  • Last4ever84


    @ 22 from the accent he seems to be german as well, so dont care :-)
  • Gex222


    "Coz i am a pro i made my gut shot" i loled hard xD

    nice video !